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Become a HomeownerGet pre-qualified for your new home.

Find out what type of home loan you qualify to receive within minutes. this way you know how much purchasing power you have available

Refinance your Mortgagesave hundreds on your monthly payments

Find out what type of home loan you qualify to receive within minutes. this way you know how much purchasing power you have available


Best Mortgage Rates in Miami and All of Florida

WHY US?  Selecting  Pioneer Mortgage Funding is the equivalent of  shopping your mortgage with 55+ lenders. 

HOW SO?  The company partners with the WHOLESALE DIVISIONS of more  than 55 banks, mortgage lenders, mortgage bankers, institutional and/or portfolio loan companies.


  1. Rock Bottom Rates and Prices 
  2. You won't have to shop the loan around for the best rate and terms - we will do that for you.
  3. More Lenders = More Programs = More Options 
  4. More Options = More Mortgage Solutions and Access to Strategies that fit Your Specific Needs


Just as there isn't a "one size fits all" home, there isn't a "one size fits all" mortgage. 

A mortgage IS the largest debt you'll incur in your life.  You should not shop for it the way you do an airline ticket - as this one is a much longer ride which significantly impacts your finances. 


To make a shrewd financial decision, a mortgage transaction must be evaluated in terms of its total cost, during the time you own the property.  The interest rate is most certainly an important componet, but focusing on it exclusively and ignoring or disregarding other vital components of the transaction could end up costing you thousands and thousands of dollars.    Demand advice , not just a quote.


My name is Lourdes Cuervo.  I have been helping individuals of all ages and tax brackets maximize wealth and save thousands off the total cost of their mortgages through quantifiable  and measurable analyisis  before, during and after the transaction is concluded.  

I guarantee you won't receive this valuable advice nor consideration from an impersonal online call center  nor an uninvolved bank employee.  I have the heart of a teacher.  I will educate and inform you so you can make an informed financial decision custom tailored to your objectives.


Unlike an online call center, you won't be treated like "another transaction" and unlike a bank, which has more checking account options than mortgage options,  you will have access to an array of mortgage finance products. Oh...and I don't keep strict bankers hours.

If you aim for nothing, you'll hit it every time.

Lourdes Cuervo

Senior Loan Officer - Mortgage Advisor Miami 

NMLS #: 254780

Work: 305-721-2873

Text: 305-790-4222




In addition to best in class pricing on conventional and FHA loans, here are some of the Non Traditional Lending Options We Offer

  • Renovation / Rehabilitation Loans (I can help faimilies purchase a "fixer-upper" and finance the costs to remodel at time of purchase.  We will use the "after repair value" and finance up to 97% of that amount.  Owner Occupied only. 
  • Income Derived from Bank Statements in Lieu of Tax Returns:  Alternative Income Documentation For self-employed  Self employed individuals can qualifiy based on the average deposits reflected on their personal and/or business bank statements.  NO tax returns required. 
  • Mortgages for Individuals with Recent Adverse Credit Events.   A recent Bankrupcy, foreclosure, deed in lieu of foreclosure prevents individuals from obtaining a home loan.  We have products that help families get a fresh start.  Reduced or NO seasoning requirements from time of discharge/dismissal/completion.
  • Mortgages for Individuals with No Income or Employment.  Affluent individuals with no income or employment but who have significant assets can qualify for a home loan via Asset Depletion method.  (Assets will be divided over a pre-determined period and the result will be used as qualifying income for the mortgage).
  • Mortgages for Foreign Nationals:  No Social Security, No credit report or ITIN needed.  Income will be verified in country of origin.
  • Investors:  Various products ranging from NO income verification (the rental income of the subject property will be used to qualify for the loan), to highly leveraged products with interest only option in order to maximize cash flow.
  • FHA Mortgages with NO Overlays Qualify for a mortgage even if you have outstanding collection accounts or Charge Offs.  Most lenders require a minimum 580 credit score, we do FHA loans for borrowers with scores down to 500.
  • Down Payment Assistance Programs for first time homebuyers (only 1 borrower need be a first time homebuyer).  We work with lenders that administer the program - no need to go to local housing agency and obtain a separate grant or program.
  • Interest Only Mortgages
  • Many more.....
  • "A goal is a dream with a deadline", let's put yours on the agenda!


Contact Lourdes Cuervo of Pioneer Mortgage Funding today so we can discuss which option is best suited for you.

PMF, INC. d/b/a Pioneer Mortgage Funding  NMLS # 1980

QUOTE by Napoleon Hill

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